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How I Can Help

Allow me to paint you a picture: with me, you don't just get a Licensed Professional Counselor. Sure, I have the necessary academic credentials and theoretical insights, but there’s more to the story than just academic knowledge and philosophy! Like yourself, I am a fellow traveller of this life and I have lived my own kaleidoscope of experiences that I weave into my counseling approach. As your co-navigator, we will explore the 'geography' of who you are, explore the narrative of your stories,  and plot a course from your current crossroads to the lush landscapes of your desired destination, rekindling the flame of your authentic joy.

I harbor a deep conviction that within every person, there’s a wellspring of intuitive wisdom waiting to be tapped into; a treasure trove from which one can heal, thrive, and build the life they want to live. As we journey together, I will help you to uncover your innate strengths, deepen the depths of your self-awareness, and to nurture your faith in your own intuitive wisdom.


The outcome? A life that's not just existing, but thriving; a mind that's not just well, but flourishing. Whether you are in the shadows of depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem issues, or anger, I offer to shine a light of support to help you navigate through the darkness and embrace hope, happiness, and purpose with open arms.

Because I recognize the golden thread that relationships weave into the fabric of our well-being, and how they shape the contours of our identity, I extend my support to both individuals and couples, empowering them to become fluent in resolving conflicts: sowing the seeds of profound connections, erecting respectful boundaries, and nurturing deep presence through intentional and meaningful communication.

So, let us embark on this journey together. Allow me to accompany you as you take the helm and steer towards the life that you deserve.

Let’s take that first step, as collaborators and co-creators, into the beautiful, joyful and sustainable life that you have waiting for you. 

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